TRED Pro Recovery Boards (Grey/Orange)

RED Pro is manufactured from a unique dual-composite material and its manufacturer is so confident in its strength and flexibility that the product is covered by a lifetime warranty.  Recovery boards are usually damaged by wheel spin, which generates heat and can melt the grip nodules. An obvious solution would be to manufacture recovery boards from a harder and more resilient material, but they also need to be flexible in order to handle the weight of the vehicle and perform as intended. The solution is to manufacture using two materials.

EXOTRED dual-composite construction Concave/convex design for easier recovery.  SIPE-LOCKs for ultimate traction Numerous mounting options.  3 x ergonomically designed handles on each side Curved entry to grip tyre.  Pointed exit for optimum shovel.  Performance Unique ARB colours.   ARB logos Premium leash in ARB safety orange.

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